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Welcome to The Everlasting Dreary

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions.

What is The Everlasting Dreary?


The Everlasting Dreary is an ongoing visual story that is being released in a serial format on Instagram: @theeverlastingdreary


Is The Everlasting Dreary a book?


It’s more of a story with potential to be adapted as a physical book.


What age group is The Everlasting Dreary suited to?


There is nudity, violence, substance abuse, alcohol use, smoking, foul language, sexual content. Parental discretion is advised.


Will there be prints of the images in The Everlasting Dreary?


Yes. This is in development.


How many chapters will there be to The Everlasting Dreary?


The story is still being written so the number of chapters is undecided.


Who is the creator of The Everlasting Dreary?


Janet Hill is the artist and writer. All artwork is oil on canvas.

Can I use any of the pictures from The Everlasting Dreary?

You are welcome to share and post about The Everlasting Dreary, but we do not allow our images to be used for commercial purposes without prior consent.

How do I get in touch with The Everlasting Dreary?

Please email:  or reach out via instagram.

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